Saturday, June 26, 2010


It's been a busy few days, and, unfortunately, I won't have a real break until Tuesday at the earliest.
We've been playing fruitbasket turnover in the house, moving me into a smaller room, which necessitated moving everything out of the laundry room so that everything in the small room could go into the laundry room to make space for my stuff in the small room. Eventually, most of what was in the dining room and some of what was in the small room is winding up in the front (and my former) room, the linens will be sorted and go back into the laundry room, along with a handful of other things, and HoBBiTcaTs stock will come down into the former dining room.
I have been moving furniture, scraping rotten carpet padding, sweeping, scrubbing the floor, sorting through toys, clothes, linens, books, and misc crapola.
Since it's been oppressively hot of late, we took LOTS of breaks to cool down, have some beverages, and rest. I am now in a small room that's almost cavelike when the sun goes down.  It feels pretty isolated, which, at times, is fine, but in general, I'm a fairly social creature, so it's unlikely that I'll spend a lot of time in here except for sleeping, or if I just need downtime for some reason. 
I have been blessed in not having even an inkling of a flare this week, which is hugely surprising, considering the amount of manual labor I've done. I am not counting on not having one, but I am grateful that to this point it hasn't happened, and praying that it doesn't pop up tomorrow when I need to go to town for church & to drop off a bunch of stuff at Mission Arlington.

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