Monday, March 21, 2011


Tomorrow I start my dance class. I've missed it terribly, and was so very happy to find a class that is affordable, and convenient (10 minutes from work).
I've been fortunate that I've not had any major flares of my Fibro in MONTHS, although it does seem to be settling in my left hip lately, for some reason. If I don't do too much walking or standing, it's not a problem, although most nights I wake up in the wee hours with pain. The fog has improved as my sleep has improved, though it's starting to be less good lately, which, in all honesty may be related to the weight I've gained since the end of last year and the possibility that my apnea returned with the weight.

I'm so very grateful that it doesn't affect my day every single day to the point that I can't do what I need to do, and to date, it has not been bad enough to even cost me a day at work. I'm hoping that Wednesday won't come on Thursday!